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Are you thinking about travel insurance?
Are you wondering how it works and is it worth it?
Travel insurance, sometimes called travel protection is necessary in today's world of travel.  You may be young and perfectly healthy, but if you break your elbow slipping on wet concrete in Budapest, you may want to know that you will be well taken care of.  Or you may be on Medicare or Medicaid and if you are, you have no medical insurance outside the United States.
There are many reasons to purchase travel insurance before you leave home, but what do you buy?  The cruise lines have a policy.  The airlines have a policy.  Everyone wants to sell you protection.  And even if you buy them all, you may not have enough protection or worse, you spend more than necessary.
The cost of insurance policies are based on your age, the amount of your non-refundable trip costs and the type of policy you purchase.  For example, there are different caps on medical expenses, some cover pre-existing conditions and some don't, some let you cancel for "any reason" and some don't, some have 24/7 customer assistance and some don't.  You can buy travel protection for just one trip or for an entire year of trips.
IF YOU WANT HELP, I have been selling travel insurance for decades.  I will take the time to explain it and recommend the best policy for you and your circumstances.
Please email me at: to set up a time to talk about how to keep you safe on your next travel adventure.




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Worried about how a pandemic can affect your travel plans?  Not sure what do to about trip insurance?  We've got the answers.

A memorable vacation is not about the best deal.  You are already taking time off work, arranging for a dog sitter, and coordinating schedules, you want the most amazing experience for the best value.

Waiting in airports, getting lost, wishing you had paid extra for those "skip the line" tickets?  Oftentimes, you only visit a destination ONCE, make it fun!


David W.

"Whenever I have a travel question or issue, no matter how esoteric or complex, I turn to Jana. Her many years of experience in the travel industry and her extensive connections provide an insider view that has helped me navigate challenges and, most importantly, helped to ease travel stress, leaving space for maximized relaxation and enjoyment. Jana is the only one I would call for travel guidance and assistance. A true professional who works with diligence and kindness. You can't go wrong by working with her."

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